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210 Strings 16%
1,490 Words 8%

Other components

Component Translated Untranslated Untranslated words Untranslated characters Checks Suggestions Comments
pEpforThunderbirdPkg This translation does not yet exist. LGPL-3.0 0% 2 39 244 0 0 0
pEp4Thunderbird This translation does not yet exist. GPL-3.0 0% 151 1,001 6,236 0 0 0
pEp4Thunderbird-Linux This translation does not yet exist. GPL-3.0 0% 23 76 527 0 0 0
peplinuxupdater Fix this component to clear its alerts. This translation does not yet exist. GPL-3.0 0% 22 86 524 0 0 0
pEp MacOS Adapter This translation does not yet exist. GPL-3.0 0% 8 21 110 0 0 0
pEp4Outlook GPL-3.0 9% 245 1,590 14,767 235 0 0
pEp4iOS Fix this component to clear its alerts. GPL-3.0 48% 334 2,079 12,772 126 0 0
pEp4Android-strings GPL-3.0 94% 58 271 2,066 97 0 0


Project website
Instructions for translators

For the screenshots where the translated text is used you can visit or just browse Source information - Screenshot context (right bottom of the translation screen).

Placeholders in the translations usually have the form %1$@, %2$@ etc. They must not be changed at all.

Following words from English shall not be translated: |p≡p| |p≡p Sync| |Trustwords| |pretty Easy privacy|

For changes of EN source on "pEp4iOS MessageModel" and "pEp4iOS" simply mark the string with the available flags or add comment for the translation.

p≡p Foundation – Contributor Copyright Assignment

p≡p is a project founded, developed, directed and supported by p≡p Foundation, Oberer Graben 4, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland, a non-profit and tax-exempt foundation founded and registered in Switzerland (UID CHE-497.782.377, the "Foundation"), which aims to develop free software to advocate privacy, freedom of information and freedom of speech (the "Project"). The Project is open to contributions transmitted by entities and individuals outside of the Foundation.

As a Contributor to the Project, I hereby irrevocably and without consideration assign and transfer to the Foundation my entire right, title, and interest (including all rights under copyright) in all my contributions (including source code) to the Foundation, its successors and assigns, in perpetuity and worldwide, for use with the Project (the "Contributions"). This assignment is non-exclusive, i.e., I remain free to use Contributions as I see fit.

As a Contributor to the Project, I hereby represent and warrant that I am the sole rights holder (including copyright) for Contributions, and that I have the power and the right to execute this assignment.

The Foundation guarantees that all software for the Project where the Contributions will be used will remain available and published under one of the GNU licenses.

This assignment shall be governed by Swiss law. The courts of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Mailing list for translators: <<>

Project maintainers User avatar Jorgo User avatar aw User avatar vd User avatar pm
Translation process
  • Translations can be made directly.
  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses monolingual files.
  • The translation base language is editable.
Translation license GNU General Public License v3.0 only
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Repository branch master
Weblate repository
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Monolingual base language file k9mail/src/main/res/values/pep_strings.xml
Translation file Download k9mail/src/main/res/values-ja/pep_strings.xml
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String statistics

Strings percent Hosted strings Words percent Hosted words Characters percent Hosted characters
Total 210 1,490 8,915
Translated 16% 34 8% 134 9% 887
Needs editing 83% 176 91% 1,356 90% 8,028
Failing checks 57% 121 54% 812 54% 4,875
Strings with suggestions 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0
Not translated strings 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0

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